Manny The Cat

Manny the male cat.

Manny is a black fur cat born in the year of 2014, at the close knit community of USJ 21, Subang Jaya.

Manny is depicted as a cat that is smart, a caring, loving, gentle and will bond deeply with the community.

In fact, Manny plays well with other pets and are kid-friendly.

It has smooth body that is stronger than it would appear.

Manny once faced a challenge by helping a kid who has lost his way in Main Place Mall.

With a caring heart, Manny helped the kid in finding his way back to his parents.

Ever since then, the existence of Manny have caused much glee to everyone and at the same time Manny guards the neighbourhood mall and make you feel like home.


Manny don’t eat fishes but he likes Sushi.
Manny has low social IQ but he can solve difficult cognitive problems when he feels like it.
Manny is strong in memory and has 1,000 times more data storage than an iPad.
Balls, strings and outdoor activities are Manny’s favorite.
Manny use his whiskers to detect if he can fit through a narrow space.
Manny rubs on you if he likes you.
Manny lick himself to get your scent off if he don’t favor you.
Manny hates water, so don’t splash on him.