ZUS COFFEE: Summer Dream Series
Food & Beverages
Promo Period : 04 Jun 2022 - 30 Jun 2022
Location : GF-20

Summer Dream, Summer Drinks


~ Precious memories are like coffee, milk & sugar. When stirred, it becomes sweet and beautiful.~ 


Whether it's running in the fields of green & gold, 

Bite into longans in the Longan Honey Osmanthus Refresher


Relaxing by the pool or beach with friends? 

Kick back with a Tropical Osmanthus Slushie 

Going on that adventurous road trip?

Sweeten the ride with a Pink Lychee Osmanthus Slushie


As for the designated driver, we got you with our Osmanthus Latte with Cold Foam


Spending the holiday with family? 

Classic! Just like green tea served in our Iced Green Tea Osmanthus


Good food & drinks are there at the start, middle and end 


Create more moments or take a trip down memory lane with our Summer Dream series 




*Not suitable for those with pollen allergies


ZUS Coffee a Necessity, not a Luxury

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