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Promo Period : 20 Sep 2022 - 30 Nov 2022
Location : GF-20

Touchdown! Sips of Vietnam is here!

"ZUS Coffee jual Vietnamese coffee?!"

Yup, but there's always a twist. If you know us long enough

[ Vietnamese Spanish Latté ]

The all-time bestseller given a Southeast Asian glow-up. Sweet, milky with a strong Vietnamese-grown coffee aroma & flavour. SO KAW!

[ Vietnamecano (Coconut Coffee) ]

Dark & strong with a cool coconutty embrace that will refresh the taste buds

[ Vietnamese Coconut Coffee Frappé ]

Like a coconut shake with striking Vietnamese flavours

[ Viet-Cha Latté (Coconut Green Tea Latté) ]

For the coffee-free gang, high-grade green tea elevated with roasted coconutty aroma

*T&Cs Apply.

Experience Vietnamese "KAW" flavours!