Chagee: Melon Oolong Tea
Food & Beverages
Promo Period : 19 Dec 2023
Location : LG-26 & 27

As 2023 draws to a close, savor the year's moments with a cup of CHAGEE Melon Oolong Tea. Crafted with rich Oolong Tea and the sweet, aromatic MeiLong Melon, deemed as the "royal in the melon family," this blend offers a delightful harmony of flavors. The marriage of Oolong Tea and MeiLong Melon results in a nuanced, sweet aftertaste, creating a truly unique tea experience.


Designed to encapsulate the joyous season, this aromatic blend serves as a fitting conclusion to a year filled with significant moments. Let's mark the end of 2023 with happiness and gratitude, savoring the exquisite CHAGEE Melon Oolong Tea. Here's to a fruitful year and embracing the promise of a new one.


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