ZUS Coffee:
Food & Beverages
Promo Period : 08 Aug 2022 - 16 Sep 2022
Location : GF-20

We all have a story to tell. From childhood to adulthood, many of our moments are tied to tastes, smells, and emotions.

This Merdeka month, we want to bring you back to a time when things were simpler - when food, drink and games were the centre of your universe - with our Kenangan Merdeka campaign!

Putting a delightful twist to tastes from childhood times, we’ve made a series with Julie's Biscuits (every Malaysians’ staple) that even our mums want to try!

Serving you equal parts of Julie’s sweet-savoury Peanut Butter Sandwich and the citrusy, florally blend of Earl Grey Tarik , delight in the modern Earl Grey Tarik Frappe that takes you home 

Following that is something bolder: Coconut Caramel Craker Frappe with Julie’s Butter Crackers to crunch on and icy smooth coconut for that mouthfeel 

Kopitiam days  have bonded many people together. With ZUS’ Special Cham blended with Earl Grey, we give you the Earl Grey Cham-Pur and its caffeine-free counterpart, Earl Grey Tak Cham-Pur

Memories from simpler times rushing to you yet? We’ve got one last one for you. Perfect for teatime ~ the crunchy, creamy & corny Apam Balik Cake

Check it out!


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